What Are Natural Cures To Help Me Get A Tighter Vagina

Once you have successfully identified that you have a loose or sagging vagina, it’s time to do something about it. This is not a condition you have to live with and it can be cured with a few simple at home remedies.

First, trying natural cures like goose berries is a great start. This substance in known for its ability to restore the vagina’s flexibility and elasticity. Simply pick them up at your local store. Boil them on the stove with some water. Once they cool down, apply the liquid to your vaginal region. Let it set for a few minutes, and then hop into the shower and wash it off. Repeat this at least once a day for ideal results.

If you want to do more you can try kegels. These are a form of exercise that specifically target your pelvic floor muscles. Threw a series of contractions and relaxations you can train these muscle to become stronger over time.

Make sure you eat right. Consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables that are vitamin rich is a great way to feed your body the necessary components to restore the looseness of the vagina. Make sure you include healthy nutrients in every meal that you eat.

Lastly, if all else fails or you want to stream line the process you can use an over the counter vaginal tightener. A product like v-tight gel is great for getting the job done. It actually works in seconds to firm the vaginal muscles and continues to work well past the point where it is absorbed into the skin.

These are just a few simply tips to keep your vagina as tight as ever.

What Are Natural Cures To Help Me Get A Tighter Vagina

What Is Considered A Loose Vagina

A loose vagina is simply the vaginal walls losing their elasticity. This can be due to a number of facts including childbirth or medical conditions. If you fit into any of these categories you have self diagnosed a loose vagina.

  • Are you having difficulty keeping your urine when laughing, coughing, or even sneezing?
  • Are you able to insert three fingers into your vagina without any resistance from the vaginal walls?
  • Do you find yourself needing to insert larger objects to feel the sexual sensations you once did?
  • Does your vagina stay in the looseness state after ending sexual intercourse?

All of these problems indicate a loose vagina in any woman

What Is Considered A Loose Vagina